Saturday, October 15, 2011

Harry teaches a young lab sparring

It was all waggy tails today between Harry and this 18 month old Labrador. The young lab could run at twice the speed of Harry but waited for Harry to catch up then they would sniff each other all waggy tailed.

They would then set off again. Harry would try to chase the young lab with a terrier's "Grrr Grrrrr Grrrrr".

All very playful. Tails wagging.

The young Lab would then suddenly dance away from the slower Harry, and then come back for more of the playful sparring.


CC said...

There's just something about Harry......
Dogs are such fun.

marley said...

I regularly see labs on my walks and the puppies is always mad. Tehy scare my sisfur Lola, but I dussnt mind em.