Sunday, October 02, 2011

How did Harry come home on his own in the car?

Harry curls up with the leopard after what was a very confusing day...

He came home on his own in the car. But how did he do it?

It started when we took him out in the car to do a new doggy walk near Wallingford, but just before reaching our destination the car made some strange noises, and broke down just across the Shillingford Bridge.

The breakdown van came promptly, and we got in up front with the driver, but Harry had to travel alone in the car on the back of the truck. It is the first time he has travelled in a car by himself. He looked very glad to get out when we got home, and curled up next to the leopard.


Zhoen said...

Dogs are not natural drivers.

marley said...

I fink that kwalify u for a full license Harry. get your applicayshun in da post.