Saturday, March 23, 2013

Harry on snow, sulking, ironing boards, and slimming

There was unexpected snow last Sunday and again today.

My wife has started trying to do joint dog walks with a friend, but noticed that Harry has started sulking when they spend a long time talking together. My wife wonders if this could be an old age thing. I think sulking is more a babyish thing.

Our daughter returned home this week bringing her kitten cat. The ironing board causes Harry to worry at the best of times, but this morning the kitten cat tried leaping onto the ironing board, and knocked it over. The kitten cat ran upstairs and Harry crept very very slowly out of the kitchen, at half his normal height, with tail between legs.

On her return, our daughter said that Harry must have been slimming. But he has not been on a deliberate diet. I think we are all looking slimmer since she was last here - at Christmas.

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