Sunday, April 07, 2013

Harry's take on the anti Dog Crap Campaign

Ugly notices have appeared all along the Back Street saying "Area Under Surveillance - £50 penalty for dog fouling."

Most dog owners are very conscientious in picking up their own dog's crap nowadays. But apparently there is one particular dog owner that is letting the side down.
There is a BBC Radio 4 programme called The Manifesto where people came up with ideas to make their area better. When it came from Bridport in Dorset last week the second favorite idea was "anybody walking a dog should pick up any dog crap they pass."

Don't let your felllow creatures down. Clear up after yourself. Worse thing is the plastic that comes with alcohol cans. I have seen it strangling a duck.


CC said...

The problem with assigning responsible people to clean up after the irresponsible is that, while the mess disappears, the lazy filthy perps only learn to
leave their dirt for others to clean up.
We don't have the problem here any more. $300 fine. But this is a big city and someone is always around.

Better would be a substantial fine and some unwanted publicity....say a front page newspaper photo? Problem here is..gotta catch them first.


marley said...

We is always pickin our poops Arry my pal unless we is in the woods whem we leev it to add nootrients to the soils....